Posted by: Competing In A Borderless World | June 22, 2011

Ascend Convention Convenes In August

June 22nd,  2011

By Shirley Yumin Tan

Does your company want to meet and recruit from a talented pool of experienced professionals and students?  Are you looking to showcase  your services and diversity?

Are you an experienced executive or senior manager who wants to build relationships with excellent peers in your field?  Would you like to share your experiences with others, mentor high-potential professionals or give back to the community?

Are you a student who is seeking a job or mentor?

Are you an Asian professional  who faces complex and challenging issues in the business environment and wants to learn how to leverage the strength of individuals and groups to succeed?

Come and join us at the Ascend National Convention 2011: Competing in a Borderless World August 27-29, at the Hilton, New York, NYC

Ascend attracts a stellar lineup of accessible Pan-Asian and business leadership role models. Over 3 days you will self-assess, safely take risks, brand yourself, practice critical social skills and network to maximize your potential. The 2010 event drew 1,500 attendees and 50 sponsors and achieved a 99% recommendation rate.

 Early Bird Registration will end in June 30th. Hurry and register now while there are still spaces available!


About Ascend

Ascend is the premier non-profit professional association dedicated to enabling its members, corporate partners and the community to realize the leadership potential of Pan-Asians in global corporations.  Ascend has 5,000+ members with 37 professional and student chapters located in  major business hubs and campuses.  Ascend membership is open to individuals of all ethnicities and business backgrounds.



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