Posted by: Competing In A Borderless World | July 21, 2011

Ascend National Convention: A Student Perspective

By Nirmal Thapa

Students need opportunities to meet professionals and build their network. Although schools organize career fairs and provide hours of career counseling, for students getting in front of people who can hire them is priceless. The three day Ascend National Convention 2011 is a perfect opportunity for students to listen to panels of professionals, talk to them and build lifelong relationships.

The lineup of the Ascend convention includes sessions on branding yourself and networking; case competitions, worth of an MBA, networking opportunities among others. The big draw for the students might be the Corporate and Career Fair on Monday, August 29th. Students will have the opportunity to talk to recruiters from renowned companies from 8:30am-6:00pm.  In previous conventions, some students actually had first round interviews at the convention. Others were able to leverage their relationships built at the convention and talk to professionals about expanding their careers.

The important take-away from the convention for students is the relationship that they build with professionals. Students will be sure to gain knowledge from the panels and conversations with professionals in their field. Professionals from around the country will be there to help students and students need to utilize their time efficiently at the convention. The face-to-face conversations with accomplished professionals can change the direction of a student’s career or can possibly land him/her a mentor.

The benefits to students for attending the convention are countless. By taking the initiative to come to the convention, students are already one step ahead of their peers and their competition. In a tight labor market, students need to utilize every resource they have in their disposal to stand out. The convention gives them premium access to build relationships with professionals needed to land internships and jobs.  Whether you want to gain knowledge or build relationships to expand your career, the Ascend convention is a must attend event of this year.

P.S. You’d be happy to cut your summer vacation short for this one.


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