Posted by: Competing In A Borderless World | July 27, 2011

Ascend: The Final Countdown begins – 30 days to prepare for Competing in a Borderless World

Welcome to our new blog on WordPress! I’m extremely excited to be hosting the 4th annual National Convention. We’ve pulled out all the stops to bring you the most exciting, innovative and inspiring sessions for Pan-Asian Leaders in the country. We’re taking best practices, topics and world-class speakers and coming together to celebrate our successes and give each other the tips and techniques we can apply to our own careers – as we stretch and cross our personal and professional boundaries to be recognized as true impactful leaders!

As executive director, it’s an honor to work with such a distinguished group of volunteers, board members and leading keynotes. Ascend is on a sharp upward trajectory and starting to be noticed. Just a few days ago the Center for Work-Life Policy issued their latest study on Asians in Corporate America and cited Ascend and the Ascend CEI report and leaders! This adds to the evidence that Ascend’s mission is not only right on target, but we are becoming the organization to join.

I welcome your thoughts and comments as we highlight our opportunities, sessions, leaders and give a sense of the overall experience you’ll have at this Convention. BTW, we’re also exactly 1 year away from our next convention – in Chicago! Save the date!


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