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Getting the Most Out of the Ascend Convention

The Ascend National Convention 2011 is a three-day event full of educational seminars, speakers, and networking opportunities. Activities are divided into two categories: mentors and students. When going to a conference with as many offerings as Ascend has, it is always important to come prepared in order to get the most out of your experience. The three-day convention is a not to be missed opportunity to gain valuable connections, education and a chance at creating a relationship with a mentor in your field.


Registration starts at 7am. Once registered attendees will hold chapter and CEI meetings in the morning. Drum Café, sponsored by PWC will provide opening entertainment. Drum Café is promoting their project to provide disaster relief to victims of the tsunami in Japan. The program, entitled Nico-Nico Smile Project, supplies trauma relief through drums. After the opening ceremony, guests will hear opening remarks and our keynote speaker will lead us into a day packed with mentoring opportunities. Mentoring sessions include speakers representing Walmart, WR Communciation Consultants and DBMKaplan Mobray will be conducting The 10N’s of Networking: Your Key to Success that is not to be missed! Other stellar programs offered are Reach for the Top, Dealing with Different Leadership Styles, and Overcoming the Myths of Asian Leadership. The first Ascend President’s Lifetime Achievement Award will be given to Washington SyCip for his pioneering Asian achievement at the day’s Luncheon. SyCip is internationally known for his knowledge in finance, mentoring, and other areas of expertise.


Some of the fantastic programs that are lined up on Sunday will round out day two of everything you need to Compete in a Borderless World.

Terry Britton (AMA):  Will be hosting a Signature Series: Cultural Strengths For Better Communication

If you want to be a more effective communicator and make sure your opinion counts this is the seminar for you! In this three-hour module, you’ll learn more about how cultural influences impact trust, assertiveness, and active listening, and complete an exercise to use the “AEIOU model” for better communication. You’ll also discuss how culture and non-verbal cues influence non-verbal communication.

Sunday continues to offer a panel with moderator Jose Garcia (Bank of America) on Aiming High Across Borders

Attendees will gain more knowledge about how a borderless world can help create opportunities and change. This session will address your potential in working in a borderless world such as: Overcoming obstacles to become a leader even while working in another country; Creating opportunities for a successful career progression and taking chances abroad; Managing setbacks and turning them into opportunities no matter where you are.

Read McNamara (Vanderbilt University) will help you see the value of your MBA program in How Much Is Your MBA Worth?

I you are thinking “I have my MBA, now what?” Every year, students all over the world decide to go back to school and get their MBA.  Come join Read McNamara, Executive Director of The Career Management Center at Vanderbilt University where you’ll find out how much your MBA is really worth and the opportunities in this current market.

Maureen Francisco & Ryan Silver will be letting you in on their Secrets of Getting Hired.

If you are looking to make that positive first impression with a recruiter or an interviewer this session discusses the key secrets to getting hired. Hear from a recruiter on the in-and-outs and the dos-and- don’ts to land you that dream job. It’s all about being prepared before you go in for an interview or meeting a recruiter.

Karin Chien & Amy Shang (HSBC) lead yet another valuable session focused on Arrogance & Business Success

During this session, we will hear from successful Asian men who have reached the higher levels of their organizations; and in doing so, they have learned to navigate a variety of conflicts along the way and how they had to overcome the stereotypes of Asians in the workplace.  They will also explore the controversy of the Paper Tiger and how they answered the Tiger’s roar.

The split series Women and Men of Ascend presented by Deepa Purushothaman (Deloitte) and Rajiv Basu (Deloitte) also occurs on this day.


On the third and final day, students and mentors alike will be able to network with each other and learn about Increasing Communication Skills Through Social Media along with Changing Dynamics in the Emerging Markets. The conference will close with keynote speaker Greg Garrison (Vice-Chair, PricewaterhouseCoopers) at the gala awards dinner.  During the awards segment of the dinner the Ascend National Achievement awards will be presented.  The dinner comes with conference registration, but additional tickets are also available. We hope that you’ll now be prepared for the unlimited opportunities that are to come at the convention and hope to see you there!

By: Jesse Warner


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