Posted by: Competing In A Borderless World | August 11, 2011

Executive Insight Series For Pan-Asian Leaders

Over the years, Ascend has excelled at keeping with current trends and needs of the corporate and career world. Studies have shown that Pan-Asian leadership is relatively low compared to even when looking at regions with high Pan-Asian populations. To counter this study, Ascend has created the Executive Insight Series to strengthen and promote leadership in the Pan-Asian corporate world.

            The Executive Insight Series (EIS) is designed to provide Pan-Asian executives the tools that they need to excel in the higher tiers of corporate leadership. The series covers many Pan-Asian success inhibitors such as overcoming risk-taking, limited corporate social networking, insufficient communications skills and different cultural interactions.

Senior managers, directors and vice presidents can expect to gain the knowledge needed to make real management decisions. If someone is looking to step up to a senior level, valuable skills, a proven track record, behaviors and experience will be needed. The Executive Insight Series is the first step to gaining the necessary skills that will help get to the desired level of leadership.

The Executive Insight Series is developed and delivered by Pan-Asian executives who have successfully led multi-national corporations including Cisco, HP, IBM, KPMG just to name a few. These leaders will help improve necessary skills that many Pan-Asian professionals may lack and help steer attendees to success.

 Speakers Larry Chang, SK Gupta, and Wes Hom will share their personal experiences and real world scenarios that will help prepare Pan-Asian leaders for “C”-suite and other high levels of management.

Ascend’s mission is to be the premier national, non-profit professional organization dedicated to enabling its members, business partners and the community to leverage the leadership and global business potential of Pan-Asians.

The Executive Insight Series is exclusively limited to 25 managers, senior managers and directors with 10-15 years experience. This ensures that members get the most out of the series and target it towards the proper audience.

For a fee of $500, attendees will receive incomparable access to speakers with a powerhouse of knowledge and expertise. This is a not to be missed opportunity to excel in your career and take the next step towards becoming a Pan-Asian leader.

By: Jesse Warner


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