Posted by: Competing In A Borderless World | October 29, 2011

A “Big, Rock Star Welcome” for Ascend National President, Jeff Chin

Ascend National President Jeff Chin has just been introduced by Drum Cafe with a “big, rock star welcome” as Ascend National Convention attendees tapped their drum sticks in unison!

Chin thanked Drum Cafe for their “rousing start” to the Ascend’s fourth National Convention, “Competing in a Borderless World.”

He noted our world’s increasing interconnectedness, and Ascend’s distinct role fostering Pan-Asian leadership. In the coming days, he noted there will be many opportunities to connect and to get inspired. “Everyone should go to our sponsors to connect, even if you’re not looking for a job. It’s all about connecting, it’s all about networking.”

He called on attendees to: Connect. Inspire. Ascend. He thanked the many attendees, members and sponsors who overcame earlier hurricanes, and now today’s snow, to attend.

He then introduced the keynote speaker, Norman Liu.



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