Posted by: Competing In A Borderless World | October 29, 2011

Closing comments – secrets to getting hired

Closing remarks: culture does matter!Reginald – do you think your cultural background impacts on your interview, does it matter? Of course it does.

Do not let your culture be your limiting behavior, culture matters every day, all the time, do not deny your culture.

When you went into the interview you were Asian, when you came out you were still Asian. It is not going away, you can not hide it. How much it will matter, this is something you will have to consider.

Maureen – recalled on The Apprentice, the runner-up was Asian for the first time. During the interviews, they asked him why you will be a good contestant. He replied, you know what – I have watched five seasons, how come there has never been an Asian male selected?

Their answer: Asian males do not make good television. He said, that’s not me, I own my own company, I lead a team, I am very assertive. And on every project that he was the lead – he wanted to show all the viewing audience that Asians are not one size fits all.
We have various different skills!As the final slide displayed puts it, in the words of Oscar Wilde: “Be yourself, because everyone else is already taken!”


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