Posted by: Competing In A Borderless World | October 29, 2011

Interviewing is a two-way street

Introductions by the speakers – excellent communicators, lots of experience with communications, in both a media and a corporate environment.

Reginald started off by noting, to get from point A to point B must know yourself! How many things are secrets that you’re keeping from potential employers that you should be sharing!

How do you know you made a good impression on someone? he asked.

Audience member – he remembers your name!

Reginald – you made an impression but not necessarily a good one!

Another audience member – he’s still talking to you after five minutes.

Another member – positive feedback from interviewer.

Reginald – You have to listen to the words people say, what comes out of peoples’ mouths might have double or triple meetings. What could it mean? Potential messages and meanings that underlie spoken statements.

Maureen asked for examples of how you got a job interview.

Various methods mentioned from audience members: career fairs, company websites, job sites like CareerBuilder, Monster, LinkedIn, etc; at a company through a referral, submitting a c.v. online and hearing from a recruiter.

Maureen added, networking – you don’t know where your next job is going to be. It might be from an old college friend. Think outside the box! When in college, during spring break she went out and met with every news director in Oregon and Washington, while her peers were on spring break trips to Cabo! Really paid off, got three on-air offers!

Reginald – when are most people interviewing? Why are you interviewing?

Audience member – when I need a job.

Reginald – Yes, but this when you are most rusty for interviewing. Make being in interview modality part of your strategy – even when sitting next to someone on a plane! The goal: that they will like you so much that they’ll want to hire you, even if they don’t know what job for yet! One of the secerets people always forget: they celebrate when they get a job. Some people think, ‘I made it – now I can start working on the next step and position themselves.’ Most of us celebrate, and it stops.

Maureen – Don’t let it stop. Always be interviewing.

Reginald – Think of it as a two-way process; if you’re interested in the company or the person you are talking to, and know something of their organization, they will be more interested in you. Think of an interview as a two-way and not a one-way process!

Above: Maureen Francisco, CEO and Founder of MoProductions. Below: Reginald Butler, Managing Director at PwC


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