Posted by: Competing In A Borderless World | October 29, 2011

More on the secrets of getting hired!

Next discussed, how do you make your first impression in your interview memorable?Maureen – it’s everything we’ve been talking about!

Reginald – at a career fair, so many people pass by our booth; how in the world are we going to remember you? One person once told me he had competed in the Olympics. He was the only one I was talking about after. He found something called a hook.

Maureen – it’s what you’ll fast forward.

Reginald – think of a movie trailer. How many have gone to a movie only because the trailer was so good. Even if the movie isn’t. Find out that part of you that is like a movie trailer.

Maureen – important to be honest if there are holes in the resume – whatever you do, be honest! If you’re laid off or maybe got fired, whatever it is, just be honest.

Reginald – when should you not tell the truth?

One audience member – never?

Another audience member – when the truth about the company is bad.

Another audience member – when you’re asked about your weakness?

Reginald – you should talk about this truthfully, but add the story about how you learned from it. Never hide the weakness.

Reginald – but at the beginning of the interview, don’t start out with the negative truths. Don’t link the competency and the person. Never hide the truth but find a way to make it benefit you. It’s going to come up!

Also discussed, common mistakes made in interviews:

Maureen – in addition to what was already discussed (truthfulness), also included are: being late, not dressing up, not doing research on the company, mistakes in the resume.

Reginald – also, don’t badmouth your previous employer.

Maureen – when you do tell a story, make sure you aren’t vague and have some strong bullet points I will remember!


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