Posted by: Competing In A Borderless World | October 29, 2011

Norman Liu: “If you embrace globalization it can lead to great things for you”

Norman Liu talked about globalization, noting his family, his hobbies, his work are all revolve around globalization.Look at the math: there are one billion folks in developed world, but six in the developing. Economies almost all capitalistic now. The six billion want the lifestyle of that one billion.

Driving global consumer demand. Just in Singapore – everything packed to the rafters with vi…sitors from China, India and Southeast Asia. products now developed locally, and sold locally and globally.

The competitive bar being raised everywhere – best and brightest students in emerging markets are being educated everywhere.

You all need to understand and master the globalization trend to ascend in your careers; if you want to get into the game – there’s lots of travel, jetlag, and uprooting your family, it’s not for everyone. These days you may even go east right out of school, and skip the whole U.S. routine – particularly if the responsibility is greater, even if the pay is only so-so. Better than toiling in the obscurity in the states.

For midlevel professionals, it’s harder, especially if family is settled here. An expat package can help. You can do very well here for sure; but you’ll have to be a globalist to rise to the top.  If you embrace globalization it can lead to great things for you.


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