Posted by: Competing In A Borderless World | October 30, 2011

President’s Lifetime Achievement Award, Washington SyCip, Honored

Diana Solash, president of the NY chapter of Ascend, started the Leadership Lunch off by saluting Ascend’s Leader Award Winners for 2011.

Washington SyCip, recipient of Ascend’s President’s Lifetime Achievement Award, was then honored with a video saluting his life and his accomplishments.

After the video, SyCip addressed the attendees in the full Sutton complex, in which he discussed how the century of Asia has begun – and noted the young attendees can now choose between being an accountant in the US, or perhaps the “head of a firm in Asia – likely India or China, whose population is four times that of the US.”

“If I were still in the profession,” he said, “I would probably take the brightest people that I have and post them not on Hong Kong – but Beijing. Money talks – and China now has the money – not London or New York.”

“If I were in your place,” he added, “as young as you are, as healthy and as dynamic as you are – I’ve learned a lot from you young people – I’d start learning Chinese.”

SyCip is a sought-after authority on business matters ranging from best practices, to mentoring and leadership in finance, business management, philanthropic endeavors and promoting educational programs. “Mr. SyCip came from humble beginnings to build a strong and powerful network. He has won the respect and trust of others in Asian leadership,” says Arthur Chin, Executive Director of Ascend. “His accomplishments underscore the Ascend mission and it is our privilege to honor his contributions to our community.”

SyCip, 90, is Chinese born and grew up in both Shanghai and the Philippines, receiving an American education while still overseas. He graduated high school at fifteen and received his Bachelors of Science in two and a half years summa cumme laude at the Catholic University of Santo Tomas (UST), before pursing a career in finance. Mr. SyCip attended Columbia University and then begin his career in the financial world.


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